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Help Make Remembrance Happen 

The Channel Islands were the only piece of British Isles territory Germany ever managed to occupy during the Second World War.

Over 25,000 people had been evacuated to Britain, including  some children, but 41,101 remained on Jersey, 24,429 on Guernsey, and 470 on Sark.

Campaign for a Universal Memorial for all the Occupation Victims. 


Our design seeks to create a place of Remembrance and Reflection .

This Channel Islands WW2  Universal Memorial will be instantly recognisable, highly engaging and beautiful, whether viewed up close or from a distance and classical in design but very modern.

We believe this balance between impact and intimacy with the landscape is essential if the structure is to become both loved and iconic in the eyes of a wide audience.

On-site features include:

  • Bespoke app to access information about the site and detailed information about Remembrance ,

  • State-of-the-art educational exhibition on the Occupation. 

  • Interactive touch screens to access answered questions about Channel Islands Occupation 1940 - 45  and Remembrance .

  • 24/7 Remembrance Room. 

  • Café and Park area for Remembrance and Reflection.

  • The landscape is essential to help promote Reflection leading to the main Memorial. 

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