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​     Number of the Occupation Civilians is huge - only tiny amount below.

     Some of those sent from Jersey to Biberach 1942.

  • ABERNETHY, Stanier, Daisy ADAMS, Arthur, Marie AGER, Jack

  • ALCOCK, Bernard ALDOUS, Thomas AMOORE, Gordon

  • ANDERSON, Stanley ANDREWS, Jeremiah, Ernest ARBUCKLE, Hugh, Julie

  • ARMSTRONG, Rosina ASHDOWN, Leonard Clarence and Mrs FASTE, Percy, Eveline

  • ATYEO, Beatrice, Cecil, Henry AUGHTON, Jeffrey AYRES, Frederick

  • BACON, John, Elizabeth BAKER, Charles, Elise BAKER, Mary, Maud, Robert Vernon

  • BALL, Clifford, , Lorraine, Margaret, Martin, Nigel, Patricia BARKER, Doris, WilliamBARNES, Collette, Ethel, Geraldine, John

  • BARNETT, Esther, John, Anthony BARR, Albert, Eleanor M., and Miss Eleanor W.BARTLEY, Charles, H., Mary, P., Mary, E., Sarah

  • BAVERSTOCK, Gladys, M., Pamela, Stanley BELL, Roger, M., Patricia BENJAMIN, William,

  • BENNETT, Alfred, Audrey, Maurice BENNETT, Herbert, Vera BERRY, Albert, E., Amy, Sidney, W., Lilian, May

  • BLACKBURN, John, A.BLACK WOOD, Alice BLACKWOOD, John, Lionel, J., Pamela

  • BLISS, Barry, Frederick, Pauline BOALCH, William BONNEY, Clement, Frank.

  • BOWDEN, Adeline, Maud, George F. E.BRANSBURY, Eric, John BRENAN, Edward, Hardy

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