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Q.1 Is the Campaign Based in Jersey ?

A. -No its " UK and Channel Islands " Based as UK also - as it was involved before, during ,and after , the Occupation Period.

Many of the Occupation Generation went to the UK after 1945.

UK had in September 1942 over 2,300 UK born living islands deported to Germany.

Campaign was launched in Birmingham in 2018 and featured in a news Bulletin by ITV Channel.

Also makes the campaign Unusual because its a " British Isles Campaign " .

Also you have 2.300 UK born living in the Island during Occupation that Deported.

Q.2. What is the Aim of the Campaign ?

A.-To establish a "Universal" Memorial for all the Occupation Generation of Channel Islands of WW2 ( means a joint Channel Islands and UK Civilian Memorial and for all 66,000 Islanders who faced, and went through, and after )  

Campaign is for Universal Remembrance  for all who suffered during the Occupation of Channel Islands during WW2.

Q3. How is the Campaign Funded and by Who ?

A- Campaign was set up by Jersey family that Survived the Occupation of Jersey and they have privately funded the Campaign- and we have some private Donations via our "crowd funding " that we are very " Grateful "  for. We would like to increase public Donations. 

Campaign is 95% funded by South Family.

Campaign has been Privately Funded and this has come about to ensure Campaign functions.

( To get the campaign off the ground )

Q4. Are Public Events Planned?

A-Indeed yes - but with Covid19 Restrictions have delayed any Public Events.

Expected in 2023.

Q5. Jersey has Liberation Square, so why the need for a Memorial? 

A-Liberation Square represents the date of Liberation ( hence the name and it's a sculpture 

and not a memorial  ) and it is for Jersey.

It's not a True Civilian Memorial and little if any Consultation with the Occupation

Generation at the time in 1995.

As Campaign we look at the bigger Picture for the whole of British Isles and Occupation Civilians should not be defined by a Single Date .

We look at the Significance for the whole of British Isles and wider British family. 

Fact - today we don't have a true Civilian Memorial for the Occupation Generation. 

Occupation Generation should not be defined as a " Date in May " and nothing else.

Q.6 What would the Memorial be like?

A-We are still open for ideas - One of the ideas is a " Arboretum "  Full public consultation would be done.

Q.7 Why is the Campaign Petition not on the Jersey Government Website?

A-This is because of the IP addresses of those Occupation Families/ Relatives outside of Jersey would be blocked out and discriminated against.

With Petition being on " " anyone with a interest can Sign the Petition and those who Support and any one with family that went through the Occupation Period can Sign.

Open Petition for the public.

Q.8 Is the Campaign for those who Just stayed through the Occupation? 

A-No! the campaign is for everyone who Stayed and those who needed to Leave before the Occupation. And for those who left Jersey after 1945 - but did live through the Occupation.

Equally for those that died during the Occupation or of the result of the Occupation after.

All so about Foreign Slave Workers imported to the Islands.

Q.9 What about the Other Channel Islands?

A-The Campaign does embrace the other islands and via social media we often post about 

the Occupation in the Other Islands, and we are a all Channel Islands campaign today.

Q.10 Have you published the decisions of the Bailiff of Jersey not have a public Silence for the 80th Anniversary in June 2020 and for Liberation 75 in 2021?

A-Yes - Both letters from the Bailiff of Jersey are on this website under " Campaign Letters " we are a public Campaign and we do publish letters received . 

Q.11 How is the Campaign organised ?

A-The Campaign was set up by the South Family who survived the Occupation of Jersey and the family met in Birmingham in 2018 and decided to appoint Kev South as the Campaign lead.

Campaign is influenced by those who went through the Occupation Period.

Andrew Renouf Joined the Campaign in 2020 and was appointed

Campaign Coordinator for Jersey. 

A 2nd Coordinator is expected to be appointed. 

Q.12. What would be the location of any new British Isles Memorial?

A-This could be any of the main Channel Islands or the UK.

Consultation would have to happen to decide this.

Q.13. Would the Taxpayer have to fund any new Memorial?

A-Not any plans for the Taxpayer to fund the Memorial. Are Other funding

options available.

Q.14.What are Plans for the Future?

A-We would like to become a Public Trust - At moment we are focused on

Campaigning and building a "Support Base". 


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