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Occupation Secret Files Part 1

Part 1 The Channel Islands WW2 Remembrance Campaign, today we have a large occupation files archives and look at all aspects of occupation available to ensure we are getting the facts correct.
We are not a military enthusiasts blog, but our ethos is to ensure the public is aware of the occupation's history. Intern ensures that Remembrance happens.
In recent joint letter released by the Campaign and leading occupation historian Macus Roberts, we pointed to with declassification of government files and new learning about occupation may change what we thought we knew about the occupation of Channel Island during WW2 .
Today we begin to look at information from UK secret intelligence files and UK informer or British Agent . ( Part 1 )

Informer was deported to Germany in 1944 rescued by the USA south of Rennes. Straight away for us, even before reading files was the description on the front of the informer. of course his information was valuable at the time, but what about his remembrance ?? that's another important point.
Today we begin to look at his work and the content of his files. As the intelligence service M.I.19 might say, tune in for more! We don't just want to recall the occupation, we equally want to ensure everyone has remembrance, and that's a big stand out.

Begin to look at Files with part 2 coming.

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