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"No More Cover Ups For - Jersey and Guernsey. "

"No More Cover Ups For - Jersey and Guernsey. "

Written by Alexander Renouf .

The breaking news in recent days of the Alderney Enquiry

international Holocaust experts will officially review the number of deaths in the Nazi-occupied Channel Islands, the only part of the British Isles to be occupied, during World War Two. The focus of this Enquiry being Alderney .

As a campaign we have known about the horrors of Alderney for some time.

As the press will come up to speed and will realise that other Channel Islands

Guernsey and Jersey have the same history. Jewish Slaves and other Slave Labour Groups were on the majority of Channel Islands during WW2.

If you say you have a family and Crimes committed, say committed in three family homes. Only going to investigate a Crime in one house . Something is not right. But of course it's not houses but " Channel islands. "

According to a Slave worker who Survived. There were 2,000 prisoners in Lager Ubet Jersey Slave Camp - Poles, Spaniards, French, Dutch and all starved.

Real indication is the letter from P. Pomar with his return visit in the 1970s.

Of Jewish history during WW2 for Jersey and Fort Regent. He wrote to the Jersey government at the time about his visit.

Then we move on this Related Article in Jersey Evening Post below.

Jews Were Sent Here - Jersey.

Then we have below very important Research done by the late Jewish Senator of Jersey . Fredrick Cohen.

Important part is to Emphasise the findings by Senator Cohen that there were no known "Jewish Survivors" who worked in the Jersey War Tunnels - German Underground Hospital.

We suggest that you have read of this ( not going to be a pleasant read )


Question we have. The place or places all these victims are buried?

"No More Covers Ups" For the Jersey and Guernsey Victims, and Alderney.

We need a Enquiry for Jersey and Guernsey.

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