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Putting Light on Islands Occupation Interconnections

In the spring of 1941 the Germans began an immense construction
program of military defence structures in the Channel Islands. The
workers transported to the Islands to construct these fortifications
comprised a number of specific categories including conscripted,
voluntary, forced and slave workers. and Jews .

The narrative of the deportation of Jews from Channel Islands is not completely right as many Jews also imported to the Channel Islands . Joint Macus Roberts letter with this campaign brings to the publics attention. Also interconnection with the islands of movement of people and Slave labour. Macus Roberts has a excellent background in putting light on the dark periods of British occupation history during WW2.
Please see the the Joint Open Letter that's on this Campaign Website.

On 24 June 1944, after D-Day, the Germans began the mass evacuation
of most of the SS Sylt prisoners together with many workers from other
Alderney camps with a several convoys to Jersey and they called at Guernsey.

Leslie Sinel recorded the arrival in Jersey of the prisoners
Of the remaining Jewish forced workers:
‘28 June 1944 – In the morning six fair sized vessels, with an
escort, arrived with 1,500 persons of all nationalities. It was
learned that they were foreign workers from Alderney, prisoners
from a concentration camp in that Island, a few evacuees from
Cherbourg and some foreign workers from Guernsey, military
and naval personnel also arrived,

The transfer on mass remains significant as the Joint Campaign and Macus Roberts letter explains to be found here

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