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Informers asked for safe conduct to France after D- Day

Part 2 Informers from UK intelligence files M.I.19
As a campaign we don't shy away from difficult subjects about the Occupation of Channel Islands during WW2.
This is from UK wartime files of M.I.19 Files of the United Kingdom.

Today its known that in Channel Islands people did support the Occupation power and being Nazi Germany. ( was a small number ) as bigger population didn't. Of course they didn't.
Channel islands are described as a model occupation but that narrative is not true, and may be judgements about what this article is about. Of course every nation in Europe had those who supported the occupation power, and it was no different for the Channel islands.
Most important point is islands being small and not huge mountain ranges or forests to hide in for any organized Resistance.
Today as missing remembrance for those who did protest about the Occupation and Germans
deported them. That Remembrance is missing?

As a campaign we are campaigning for those who did protest about Occupation
to get remembrance and for the public to read these stories.
The headline will be about those who supported the Occupation and benefited.
However the majority didn't support and the majority suffered .

Biggest mistakes after the war, is the UK could have decided to bring people to trial, and the UK decided to Veto this. This could be seen as a crime also?

Below is about informers. Part 3 shortly.

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