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Holocaust Remembrance Day Tweet gives a clue about Jersey Government Remembrance? Fort Regent.

The member of Jersey Assembly and assistant to the Jersey First Minister posted via twitter about FORT REGENT and " It was nostalgic but also an inspiring reminder of this much loved site’s potential " -this regarding Fort Regent on Holocaust Day.

Fort Regent was used as holding Prison for Slave Labour during WW2

Fort regent was a holding prison for slave labour during the Occupation.

Jersey was also an important transit point for prisoners being returned to their fates in Europe. Jewish prisoners recall how they (along with the Spanish Republicans) were the first constructors (and victims), of the Ho8 Jersey War Tunnels and were held in a camp at Fort Regent (‘Lager Ehrembrestein’) for two years, before being sent on to Alderney and SS camp Norderney, in 1943, to join French Jews from Drancy. This information, sent to Jersey in 1971, is in an official letter sanctioned by the French survivors’ association, which we identified at Yad Vashem.

Also records from UK Archives in London of Brutality at Prison and a Russian being beaten to death.

The former Jersey Senator Cohen wrote about Jewish History and Fort Regent.

The tweet gave a understanding about Holocaust History and how the Jersey Government thinks about Holocausts sites. The victims would not describe

Fort Regent as being "much loved. " Even on Holocaust Remembrance Day 2023.

Fort Regent was a place of pure horror for the victims.

Let us not forget this.

Written on Holocaust Remembrance Day. 2023.

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