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First Universal Memorial For Channel Islands including all different groups & Slave Labour WW2.

Updated: Jul 6

First Universal Memorial For Channel Islands including all different groups & Slave Labour WW2.

Concept Design. The key influence is dignified and fitting for Remembrance. The design for the First Universal Memorial would be classical in design to give a feel of full respect for the nature of Remembrance. Similar in design to other British World War memorials. First Universal Memorial for so many people of the Islands However this is for civilians, and not the military .

Channel Islands being only part of British Isles that fell under Nazi Occupation Islanders that had Military service that were all so deported during the occupation would be represented .First Universal Memorial for so many people of the Islands. The inside would feature a full life size sculpture of Imported Slave Labour to the Islands and Sculpture of Islanders. Be different from Liberation Square as the depiction is the moment of Liberation at the Square and this is a formal Memorial to those who suffered during the Occupation. Today many of these groups have no Remembrance. This new memorial represents Universally different groups and is more sombre than Liberation Square Sculpture.

You can not lay wreaths at a Sculpture depicting liberation moment for the

more difficult parts of Occupation.

This is the full Occupation Universal Memorial.

Many people of occupation had a horrific time . The only reference to Liberation would be representation of those who were liberated in Camps, -equally represent all those deported and small groups that returned during Occupation, in turn those who returned and died on Islands. Be depiction of all those deported including the mostly 2.300 Britain born deported in 1942 from the islands The design in classical in design would use the latest technology to inform the visitor of different stories of Occupation groups and individuals. Designed for Remembrance Ceremonies. The Universal memorial is not designed to replace any existing Memorial,but give Remembrance equally to those missing Remembrance today,and have all Remembrance equally together so visitors can understand the scale of Occupation of Islands during WW2. The Universal Memorial is designed to be fitting. Had a situation with cars beingparked directly in front of plaques at the Waterfront etc. Also being placed in working environments and memorial is placed in Green park land.Reflective and fitting. Because the Occupation of Channel Islands being an extremely important partof British WW2 History, With Islands falling under Occupation the Universal Memorial is designed to be impressive to the visitor and to show theRemembrance for so many people.

This Universal Memorial ensures that all groups missing Remembrance are rightly included.

Would contain a depiction of Liberation Square and War Tunnels that the Slave labour was forced to dig out for Germans, and more inside. Bust of Winston Churchill.

This Universal Memorial would have a full life size Sculpture of the Slave Labour and Islanders.

As the visitor walks towards the Universal Memorial they will have a sense of the significance of this Memorial and what happened.

Universal Memorial gives full honour to so many. Inclusive of all.

Channel Islands WW2 Remembrance Campaign.

Below Slave Labour. Possible example for the Sculpture for this group?

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