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Channel Islands Occupation History Was Put On The Back-Burner

The campaign has identified missing Occupation Remembrance and over months
we will be reporting all we have found. Far bigger than expected.

The joint Markus Roberts and this campaign gives initial clue that the Remembrance of the Occupation within Channel Islands is not correct.
If you read the joint letter at gives insight that all is not correct. More difficult parts of Occupation have been parked.

The Occupation period was a very difficult period of our Islands’ history. It was understandable that after the War, given the ordeal which the islanders and authorities had to endure and the desire to resume a normal life as soon as possible, there was a period in which Occupation history was put on the back-burner, while lives were rebuilt and a narrative was adopted that parked some of the more difficult issues of the Occupation.

Interesting to read the Head Jewish Congregation said at time and former Jersey Senator Fredrick Cohen about " Jews of Channel Islands during Occupation of Channel islands."

In 2022 the basis is near right but today we can take this forward with advancement of Occupation research. and work of Senator Fredrick Cohen can be updated.

Please see download PDF.

Because the Occupation being placed on back burner and parked.
Could mean a revisit for all involved in the future, and result of being
placed on the "back burner." Watch this space readers!

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