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Campaign Sets Out Current Priorities

Our overwhelming priority is the campaign's main aim of Universal Remembrance
and establishment of a Universal Memorial for all people and groups that
fell under occupation during WW2 in Channel Islands.

The further awareness of the 2,300 people deported in September
1942 from the Channel Islands.
If we gather further donations, in 2023 we will consider a public exhibition
for the 1942 deportation group to raise awareness.

Further cooperation and joint work with Occupation historian Marcus Roberts.

Further advancement and public awareness of Fort Regent and related history
brought to public's attention with open letter.
Letter is here

The laying of remembrance wreaths and expansion of our campaign aims
with donations from the public .
Also help with public awareness with Campaign website,
and leaflets regarding awareness. More donations we have more, and more we can achieve.

Further expansion of gathering information about the Occupation from UK Government files and allowing public to access our own archives we hold.

Further expansion of the Campaign to Bailiwick of Guernsey.

Further expansion of the Campaign for Jersey and United Kingdom.

Overwhelming message of campaign is to achieve Universal Remembrance
for all victims of occupation of Channel Islands during WW2.

Further priorities to follow.

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