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The Channel Islands were the only part of British Isles to be occupied by Germans

during World War Two.

On June the 28th 1940 being a unprovoked attack on Channel Islands with

bombing of the two main capital harbours and casualties and deaths. 

On the 30th June 1940 Germans arrived at Guernsey airport and established the islands as undefended. The UK had announced that the islands had been demilitarised. 

However, the announcement had been delayed and came late.


To British people in a brief news statement by the Ministry of information

that on July 1st that all communications with Channel Islands had been "cut."

Of course Jersey had now fallen to Occupation with other smaller Islands. 


The horrific Occupation of the Channel Islands had started. 

The Germans had dropped leaflets asking the population to surrender

and display white flags. 


In 2018 the Channel Islands WW2 Remembrance Campaign being founded 

by the South family who had stayed through the Occupation. With larger part of family living through Occupation of Jersey. Guernsey members had been visiting the Jersey family branch and got caught with the start of Occupation and being stranded on Jersey through the entire Occupation.


The family understood the suffering of the occupation and understood that remembrance being poor or absent, from many different Occupation groups and individuals. 

The core value of the campaign is Universal Remembrance for all those who suffered because of occupation of Channel Islands during WW2 and after. 

We are requesting that existing memorialisation is reviewed, rationalised and brought up to date and that none of the victim groups are left out, in order to achieve universal memorialisation and to ensure that key facts are physically represented in the public space. 


Below Evacuation of the population before
the start of Occupation.

The campaign focus is about all those
who suffered - all victims.

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