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Guernsey 1942 Deportation Files 

On 15th September 1942, the German authorities in the islands issued the following order.

Tuesday 15th September 1942


By order of higher authorities, the following British subjects will be evacuated and transferred to Germany:

(a) Persons who have their permanent residence not on the Channel Islands, for instance, those who have been caught here by the out-break of the war;

(b) All those men not born on the Channel Islands and 16 — 70 years of age who belong to the English people, together with their families.

Detailed instructions will be given by the Feldkommandantur. 

During the autumn of 1941, Britain had detained German civilian workers and their families in Iran, which had incensed Hitler. As an act of retaliation, Hitler ordered that all UK citizens living in the Channel Islands be interned in Germany.

The original order was issued in 1941 but because many of Germany’s hierarchy were against the order, it was delayed and not issued until September 1942.

Today we have little to "Remember so many people" (2.300 ) who the majority being Sent to Nazi Germany. Hitler Ordered they be brought to the "Homeland".

In total about 2.300 Channel Islanders (either non-resident and caught by the outbreak of war or men between 16 and 70 years of age not born in the Channel Islands together with their families) were deported in 3 sailings via a convoluted route across France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany to first Biberach arriving finally at the small town of Wurzach in the marshes north of Lake Constance,  – men, women, children and babes in arms 618 Islanders were detained in Bad Wurzach’s 18th century castle.


Many died of "Camp Fever" and starvation or poor conditions.


Those who made it being liberated in April 1945.

Below first Deportation list - The Original Deportation Form.

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