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Occupation Remembrance Day June 28th 2023


Day of Remembrance
for 66,000

On June 28th Germany did a unprovoked attack on the Channel Islands with bombing of St Peter Port Guernsey.

45 people were killed and over 100 were injured when three German planes bombed St Peter Port Harbour. Marked beginning of Occupation of Channel Islands.

St Helier ( Jersey ) was attacked also.

Slightly later.

June 28th is today Universal Day of Remembrance.

We Remember Everyone

The day we remember everyone who suffered and faced the Occupation of Channel Islands during WW2.

Remembering those needed to evacuate, those that faced deportation, and being deported and all those who perished.

Everyone that stayed suffered under the Occupation and after.

June 28th marked first casualties and first deaths.

We remember all the slave workers imported to the islands also.

Memorial Red Rose

Take Part

On June  28th we remember ( all ) those who faced and went through Occupation of Channel Islands and remember them all.

Take part and Remember .

Standing together in Remembrance on June 28th also to observe a two-minute silence at 18.45 Occupation Remembrance Day for the Channel Islands. Including UK 2,000 Deportation Group of 1942.

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