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Campaign is organised by a Jersey family that survived the Occupation.

The Guernsey part of the family decided to visit just before the Occupation

and got trapped on Jersey during the Occupation. 

The origins of campaign really go back into the Occupation with experiences 

of the family members, and after the Occupation.

We believe in Universal Remembrance for all who faced, and fell under

Occupation of the Channel Islands, during WW2.


Campaign aim is to establish Universal Memorial for all 66,000

that went through the Occupation and for imported Slave Workers.


Campaign has had 8 Written Questions at Westminster alone tabled about Occupation

and 10 MP Support motion, 6,000 support Petition, and far more.

We are requesting that existing memorialisation is reviewed, rationalised

and brought up to date and that none of the victim groups are left out, in

order to achieve universal memorialisation and to ensure that key facts are

physically represented in  the public space. 

We are a non-profit public service campaign group

overseen by a steering group of volunteers.

ABOUT - Campaign for Universal Remembrance 

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