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Vision of Universal Remembrance For 66,000 People

The UK lost Communication with Channel Islands July 1st 1940 as Occupation of Nazi Germany Started.


July 2022

Campaign Aims

Campaign to commemorate & honour the 66,00 Channel Islanders, Occupation Civilians with a Universal UK: CI's British Civilian Memorial for all of those who faced and fell under Occupation in Channel Islands during World War Two. ( Universal Remembrance ) With 8 Written Questions and EDM Motion

at Westminster Campaign is doing well.


Feb 2022

About the Campaign

Campaign was born on April 10th 2018 with a News broadcast by ITV CHANNEL.

Since then the Campaign has expanded with over 6,000 Supporters and a National Petition.

We have been on BBC Radio Jersey.

Article in the Bailiwick Express.

Five Campaign Ads In Jersey Evening Post & Report in Jersey JEP.


Feb 2022

 at Westminster

We have had 8 written Questions tabled at Westminster.

Some the Written Questions ( all relate to the Channel Islands ) being a first since 1945.

The Campaign also has a 10 MP Support Early Day Motion at Westminster. Today we are leading Channel Islands Campaign alone