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Channel Islands

World War Two


Campaign is notable with a 11 Support MP ED Motion at Westminster
Parliament, and over 6,000 Support Petition. Also been able to table Written Questions at Westminster regarding the WW2 Occupation of Channel Islands .

Campaign is to ensure all those faced and went through Occupation and Imported Slave Labour get a memorial. (Universal Remembrance)
Various Press Reports. 
Campaign is notable in 2023 for promoting Jewish Remembrance of the Occupation.

We explore the WW2 Occupation and Promote Remembrance .

Core value of Universal 
Remembrance is at the heart of this campaign.
Campaign is organised by Jersey. Occupation Family. Establish a Memorial for
all who faced WW2 Occupation and all victims groups.

Campaign family have links to resistance group during the Occupation.
One member being a co-founder. Jersey Democratic Movement.

Campaign has worked with the prominent Occupation Historian Marcus Roberts. 

The international Historian and Journalist Peter Hellyer .DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Peter Hellyer, a U.K.-born writer who spent nearly five decades chronicling UAE history and more  - also had strong links with Jersey, supported this campaign from our beginning in 2018.  He became our biggest supporter and biggest donor to June 2023 until his sad death in the same month.
Peter helped shape this campaign.

Please Join and Support. 


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